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About Marc Wainer

Armed with a matric and enough confidence to fill a mall, Marc grew from humble origins to an industry giant. Along the way, it was the wisdom of others that helped to nurture those entrepreneurial seeds – particularly his wise and wonderful grandmother, Sarah Rubinsky, who confirmed then what the world knows now: ‘There’s no university in the world that gives a degree in common sense. And you’ve got common sense. So, go out, work, start a business.’ And he did. Spectacularly well.

Secrets to success

One of Marc’s secrets to success was that you don’t buy a property without having seen it first. Mark developed his signature MBWA approach (as opposed to the MBA approach), that is, Management by Walking Around, because, as Marc put it, ‘property is a business where you have to get out there and really look at the building, pace it out, kick the bricks’. It was Marc’s utterly engaged, hands-on approach that signalled the difference between mediocrity and success.

Paying it forward

But his extraordinary journey to success was not the full measure of the man. His true strength lay in his belief in people and in his passion and generosity in sharing his hard-earned life and business lessons with others. Because, in Marc’s view, what’s the point of amassing a wealth of skills and insights, if you are not prepared to pass this on to others and pay it forward?