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Making my Marc:

Making my Marc is a fitting memoir for a man who, in his 70-plus years, travelled down many a road, never returning without a life lesson – or two or three! – to share with everyone from his business associates to his grandchildren. And he went the distance, not to mention the extra mile, without ever losing an iota of his deep humanity, his sheer chutzpah, and an all but visceral inability to tolerate nonsense.

And, legend goes from boardroom to bar and beyond, Marc was nothing if not versatile: Marc’s ‘weapon of mass deduction’, aka his ability to use the back of a cigarette box to calculate the return of a property, was met with wide-eyed awe and disbelief from those who tread a more conventional path. But conventional Marc was not. In his long journey through property moguldom – and a career marked not simply by spectacular triumphs, but by profound lessons in failure – he defied expectation and bucked convention. Armed with his understanding of the principles of risk and reward, and his ability to think out of the box, Marc clinched one ground-breaking deal after another. But, in the heady and often hectic world of property development and acquisition, he never lost sight of his commitment to his family. Whether in his office, amidst plumes of cigarette smoke, on a birthday, anniversary or any day of the week, you would have found him chatting non-stop on his iPhone to his children and grandchildren.

Gritty and granular, Making my Marc is not just one man’s personal journey to success, but an aperture into the world of business and property development, and those remarkable insights that distinguish mediocre leaders from giants of industry.