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About Seth Mulli

Seth positively radiates passion and purpose. Seth’s vision is firmly embedded in communities, emboldening players in the NGO space to upskill and find access to platforms of power, opportunity and funding. With seven years of experience in the youth development space, his area of expertise is in capacitating organisations to create meaningful change in the communities they serve.

Building bridges

He currently serves as an executive director of the Youth Bridge Trust. The trust aims to create opportunities for young people to succeed in the workplace, to develop livelihood skills and to further their education through powerful partnerships and creative collaborations. The trust has a regional focus throughout Southern Africa as a grant-making body.

Collective creative power

Seth is the owner of The Collective, a community of creatives helping NGOs make a meaningful impact in the social media space. Will & Heart, another project he co-founded with his wife, is an international volunteer travel company, focused on telling the stories of non-profit organisations on the African continent, through film, design and branding. He is also the lead anchor of the entrepreneurially-centred Good Breakfast Show, a weekly online TV show where he engages South African change-makers. In Seth’s view, if business doesn't pay it forward, it will be left behind.