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As a mentor

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Code of conduct

  • Establish and commit to the modes of communication to be used (email/mobile phone or landline/text messaging/Skype/teleconferencing/face-to-face sessions)
  • Establish and commit to the permitted times for these communications
  • Establish and commit to the date, time, length and frequency of sessions
  • Establish and commit to a suitable location for the scheduled sessions
  • Make appropriate use of the online tools available on the website: shortlisting, feedback and live chat functions
  • Respect the time and resources of both the mentor and mentee
  • Agree on clear, appropriate and culturally sensitive boundaries to govern all interactions, physical or otherwise
  • Avoid any inappropriate interactions and unsuitable conduct towards each other, such as sexual harassment, soliciting funds or financial support, or disrespecting personal and professional boundaries
  • Create a safe space for all communications and conduct
  • Treat all information gathered in the process of the mentorship relationship as strictly confidential