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Build Your Future – Apply to be Mentored in the Mentorship Challenge 

The Mentorship Challenge, hosted by Marc Wainer, is aired every Wednesday at 20:30 on CNBC Africa, DStv Channel 410. Apply to be mentored and become part of the exciting programme that provides mentoring by industry gurus. More than 1296 hours of mentoring have been pledged to date.

Why apply to be mentored?

Mentoring provides superb personal growth opportunities. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop your leadership, communication, networking, and business skills. Through the mentoring programme, you can broaden your knowledge base and develop business networks. It enables you to identify problem areas in your career or business, identify new opportunities, and make use of innovative solutions to address problem areas. Apply to be mentored if you are serious about becoming an industry leader and are tired of struggling in business or are frustrated at simply being average. If you believe that you are destined for more than average, you can now learn from the wise owls and industry leaders.

As a mentee, you can benefit from the insight and wisdom of the participating mentors. You will receive support, advice, and guidance. Such guidance is priceless and can give your career or business a tremendous boost. Learn from the best and develop the confidence to make decisions that count. You and the mentor will be in a mentoring partnership and, as such, your mentor will learn from you too. You thus have something to give back – no-one is ever too experienced to learn. Those who are willing to be taught are the ones that become great teachers.

Apply to be mentored and experience the benefits:

  • Help gain more control over your business or career.
  • Become visible in your industry.
  • Learn how to accept feedback.
  • Improve your career opportunities.
  • Expand your contacts basis.
  • Gain knowledge about technical aspects and soft skills.
  • Spot opportunities you have missed before.
  • Hone your skills.
  • Gain new perspective.
  • Learn from the mistakes of others so you do not have to pay the school fees.

What the Mentorship Challenge Is About

The lack of leadership has been slated as one of the reasons our country is in crisis. The time has come for business leaders to fill the gap and offer the leadership models needed to ensure that future generations will be effective leaders. It is a way to pay it forward that will benefit the entire country. Though it is a public service, it is also an intervention to steer the future generations in the right direction. Today’s leaders have the opportunity to impart their knowledge and wisdom to the young and upcoming generation. At the same time, they learn from the today’s generation. As such, the Mentorship Challenge is a partnership programme where the mentor and mentee both benefit. It serves to create a foundation for corporate mentorship in the country. It makes it possible for mentors to pledge mentoring hours and to challenge other giants in the business world to do the same.

When you thus apply to be mentored, you become part of a historically important initiative and you will also be able to give back to your mentor. What you will learn will help you to share with others and thus extend the positive results to your entire industry. Marc Wainer, well-known and respected leader in the property investment industry, hosts the Mentorship Challenge. Marc's immense confidence has helped him to become the industry giant he is today. He also shares his knowledge and wisdom on the show. He has a hands-on approach to business is one of the things that has made him so successful over the years.

Join the ranks of future leaders. Apply to be mentored and learn from the best in the Mentorship Challenge.