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Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor on the Mentorship Challenge and Make a Difference to South Africa’s Future

The Mentorship Challenge is a weekly show in which industry titans pay it forward by sharing their knowledge and insight with the entrepreneurial leaders of the future, and was launched on Wednesday, 4 October 2017 at 20:30 on CNBC (Channel 410 on DStv). 

In a country where the issue of leadership (and what true leadership represents) frequently makes the headlines, the time has come for true and seasoned business leaders to step into the gap and provide the future generation with working leadership models. To become a mentor is a social responsibility and an act of giving back. The Mentorship Challenge makes it possible for leaders to share useful experiences, insights, and wisdom not likely found in most educational curriculums. The platform is about the important life lessons, personal experiences, and the insights that leaders can share, paving the way for youngsters to get the guidance they need to avoid potentially costly business pitfalls.

Platform for Knowledge Sharing

Hosted by Marc Wainer, the executive chairman of Redefine Properties, it is a show where mentorship truly comes to life. With mentors such as the well-known Carte Blanche presenter and celebrated journalist, Ruda Landman, and the award-winning sculpture and artist, Angus Taylor, among the mentors on the show, it is an exciting programme, to say the least. The show consists of the weekly conversation by Marc Wainer about important current issues. Marc then leads conversations with guests about their mentors, defining moments, and the chance meetings that have contributed to make them the leaders they have become.

Marc encourages them to become mentors in the true sense of the word by pledging their personal time to selected mentees in their particular fields of expertise. He also encourages his guests to challenge their peers to become mentors by matching their mentorship pledges. Leaders in their perspective fields, who become mentors, make contact with their mentees behind the scenes and schedule mentoring sessions.  Viewers get to hear the stories of partnership and mentorship as part of the show.

Leave a Legacy

To become a mentor is all about leaving a lasting and valuable legacy for the businesspeople of tomorrow. It is about giving young beginners the opportunities to meet with the thought leaders and business masters of their particular industries. In addition, it is about giving them the opportunities to learn not just from books, but also from people that have been there and back, and have succeeded. The Mentorship Challenge is the start of a new culture in South Africa, one that is not about secrecy, but open and invaluable mentorship in the cutthroat corporate world of today. It serves to create a pool of wisdom hours to help build the leaders of tomorrow. It is at the heart of investing in the future.

Take on the Challenge

The challenge is on and, if you are an experienced leader wanting to share wisdom and guidance, The Mentorship Challenge, sponsored by Redefine Properties, invites you to become a mentor. The Mentor Challenge provides for the perfect meeting place where the industry gurus of today get the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas and perspectives with mentees – the industry gurus of tomorrow. With the guidance of a leadership expert, the young and upcoming businesspeople of tomorrow can carve their paths to success. If you fit the profile of a leader, have experience and wisdom to share, and want to impart what you have learnt to future generations then you are invited to join your peers to become a mentor.

Register online to become a mentor and thus part of the team of leaders that share what they know and have learnt with the future leaders of the business world.