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Why Become A Mentor on The Mentorship Challenge?

When you become a mentor, you do not know what your mentee will achieve later in life. However, you do know where that mentee is right now, and you can help shape their future for the better by giving your time to teach, guide, and motivate them. This is what the Mentorship Challenge is all about, and you have the opportunity to share your years of experience, your leadership skills, and your insight – the kind of wisdom that can only be imparted in person. Before going into the details about the Mentorship Challenge, let us look at the top reasons to become a mentor, giving you more insight as to why it is worth your while to become involved in the life of a young-and-upcoming South African.

Gain Relevancy in The Modern World

You add value and gain relevancy in the lives of your juniors. If you are able to communicate your insights in a clear and concise manner and can inspire others to reach their full potential, you have what it takes to become a mentor. If you are from the Baby Boomers or Generation X, you already realise that there is going to be a generation gap that has to be bridged. You have the skills to teach and thereby invest in the future of South Africa by giving your time to mentor a Millennial or Generation Z future leader.

Transfer Knowledge

Gone are the days of learning from books alone and having structured educational environments. The younger generations want to learn from experienced leaders. They know books do not have all the answers and they look up to industry giants to transfer knowledge in a practical manner. Time is of the essence in today’s fast-moving business world. As such, you are in a position to transfer knowledge in a way that is relevant to modern society, within a short period. By doing that, you help equip the younger generation to become productive and effective leaders sooner than when they were following the traditional route. You thus aid in creating competitive, yet level-headed leaders for tomorrow.

Learn from Your Mentee

Mentoring is a two-way street. Rather than it being a teacher-student relationship, it is a partnership. You also learn from the mentee, who has their own unique skill sets and insights. When you become a mentor, you therefore learn from the future generation.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

If you are already an industry guru, you probably have excellent leadership skills. However, you also know that life is an ever-changing journey and new skills should be acquired daily. Ongoing learning and the willingness to add to your portfolio of skills provide you with a competitive edge. You get to work with a person on an individual level, rather than just with groups of people. When you become a mentor, you also become a role model. The rewarding part is knowing that you invest in the future of a bright young person who wants to learn.

Become Part of The Mentorship Challenge

It is the first mentorship programme of its kind in South Africa. When you become a mentor, you will enter into a unique partnership with your mentee. In addition, you get to challenge other industry leaders to devote their time to mentoring. Become part of the new way of sharing, guiding, and teaching the generation of the future, so join the exciting Mentorship Challenge. It is broadcast every Wednesday on DStv Channel 410. More than 4900 hours of mentoring have been pledged to date. Join the likes of Kate Turkington, Amy Kleinhans-Curd, Anthony Orelowitz, and many other leaders in shaping the future of South Africa.