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Business Mentoring Programme

Join A Historically Significant Business Mentoring Programme in South Africa

The Mentorship Challenge is a unique and exciting business mentoring programme in which the industry leaders of today collaborate with the bright and upcoming leaders of tomorrow. Instead of it being a business mentoring programme set in a corporate structure, The Mentorship Challenge offers a national platform where knowledge sharing, teaching, and collaboration get new meaning.

Whether you are an ambitious entrepreneur, hungry to learn from top business gurus, or an industry leader looking to impart years of experience and wisdom, you will want to participate in The Mentorship Challenge. Under the guidance of Marc Wainer, this online portal provides seasoned leaders and young, aspiring businesspeople opportunities to learn from each other. It is about conversation, understanding, and business ideas. The seasoned leaders bring wisdom and experience to the table, while the mentees provide some new insights. It is the ideal portal for meeting and for exchanging business ideas, and you are invited to join as a mentor or mentee to participate in this innovative business mentoring programme.

The Mentorship Challenge comes at a time when South Africans need hope. With good leadership essential to steer the country in the right direction, the time has come for business leaders to step into the gap and provide role models for present and future generations. It is a social intervention, essential to ensure a solid base of expertise, business skills, and leadership for generations to come. The industry leaders participating in this one-of-a-kind business mentoring programme share expertise, wisdom, and insight seldom found in college textbooks and business manuals. Personal experience and intuition are shared, helping to give direction and opportunity to newcomers, aspiring leaders, and ambitious minds. Mentees get the opportunity to meet thought leaders and learn from them on a personal basis while they also get to share their insights and innovative ideas.

The Mentorship Challenge is a unique business mentoring programme in the sense that participating mentors can challenge their peers to also pledge hours to mentor our future business and industry leaders. Mentors and mentees schedule sessions and because it is not about a teacher and student, but rather a partnership-based programme, both mentors and mentees learn from each other. This remarkable business mentoring programme is an initiative sponsored by Redefine Properties as a way of paying it forward for the leadership of tomorrow. Mentees can apply for mentorship from one or more of the participating mentors.

How the Mentee Choose Mentors

The mentee registers and logs in on the website where they can apply for mentorship on a dashboard where mentor biographies can be read. The mentee selects the relevant mentors in their particular field of interest and then apply for mentoring.

How Mentees Benefit

Mentees benefit from our business mentoring programme in various ways, including being able to meet with industry gurus. They are able to build their network of contacts and learn insights not usually shared in books. They broaden their knowledge base and learn to identify previously overlooked opportunities.

How Mentors Benefit

Mentors also benefit from participating in this business mentoring programme. They are able to add to their already-impressive career profiles and have the opportunity to help shape the minds and careers of young entrepreneurs. In addition, they benefit from gaining insight in how the generations of the future see and experience the business world of today. Because mentoring is a 2-way street, both parties stand to benefit.

What Next

Whether you want to hone your skills, gain new insight, want to learn from the best, or want to invest your time in showing others the ropes, you are invited to become a participant in this historically important business mentoring programme.