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Career Development

Boost Your Career Development by Joining the Mentorship Challenge

If you are ready to take the next step in your career’s development, apply to participate in the Mentorship Challenge, a Redefine initiative in which mentors collaborate with mentees to develop the industry gurus of tomorrow.

However, to understand how the Mentorship Challenge can contribute to your career development, you need to know the benefits of mentoring. Such benefits include gaining the experience of the mentor without having to learn by means of trial and error. The mentor has already learnt the business and life lessons and imparts these at no cost to you. Though the wisdom you can gain is infinite, should you have an eternity to do so, life does not grant you the luxury of infinite time. You have limited time to reach your potential. Learning valuable lessons without having to go through years of learning is thus a privilege.

Mentoring makes it possible to receive constructive criticism and valuable feedback from a respected leader. You gain immediate access to such insight through critical feedback from your mentor. The partnership – and it is called one because both parties learn from each other – helps you focus on the important aspects of your career development. It is extremely easy to get sidetracked by the responsibilities of life and the opportunities and influences of your surroundings. Mentoring, as offered by the respected mentors in the Mentorship Challenge, helps you to stay focused on what is important, ensuring you reach your career goals.

It also enables you to learn skills needed to grow in your profession. Whether you are an entrepreneur, artist, lawyer, or aspirant politician, the mentors participating in the Mentorship Challenge have the expertise and wisdom to provide you with valuable skills and knowledge for your career-development goals. You will also benefit from numerous networking opportunities. It is often said that it is not what you know, but whom you know that counts. Though only true in part, building a network of contacts helps to create the career-development support you need to become a leader and valued contributor to the South African economy.

What is the Mentorship Challenge? 

It is a revolutionary and innovative career- and leadership-development initiative in which mentors and mentees partner to learn from each other. The Mentorship Challenge provides a platform for matching mentors and mentees. It also provides the opportunity for mentors to challenge other industry leaders to commit their time to mentor the leaders of tomorrow.


With new mentors joining the career-development initiative weekly, the level of mentoring is superb. Three of the mentors willing to impart knowledge for the career development of the trailblazers of tomorrow are:

Precious Zeinzinger-Tuitz

Precious grew up overseas but returned to her country of birth where she initiated customised language programmes, which she developed while living in Austria. She is the founder and MD of LETA® Professional Training and Services.

Trevor Manuel

If ever there has been a financial leader to learn from, it is Trevor. He has a strong public presence and serves on various international bodies. He has introduced various measures to boost micro and medium enterprises in the country and his economic knowledge is superb.

Rodney Berman

His name is well known in the boxing industry and, as a South African boxing icon, he continues to inspire. He has more than four decades and over 2000 fights to his name and can offer a wealth of experience and wisdom to share with young sportspeople regarding career development.

Give your career development a boost by applying to become a mentee on the Mentorship Challenge and learn from the best in your field of interest.