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Career-Development Opportunity

Use the Career Development Opportunity of a Lifetime

Whether you are looking for something unique to add to your already-impressive list of achievements or are in search of wisdom, guidance, and insight, you are invited to join The Mentorship Challenge. It is a career-development opportunity as a mentor or as mentee, because mentoring is a 2-way street.

As mentor in the programme, you will share your industry knowledge, your wisdom that comes from life experience, your insight that is rarely shared in books, and your motivation that comes from the heart. You will impart the above and more to help shape the mind and vision of a young-and-upcoming leader of tomorrow. As mentor, you will also learn from your mentee and together you will both benefit from this career-development opportunity.

As mentee, you will get the chance to meet industry leaders, develop a wider contact network, add something impressive to your CV, and gain knowledge not to be found in textbooks. You will gain a competitive edge in your industry and learn how to avoid costly pitfalls. The knowledge you will gain cannot be learnt in class and indeed, will take years to learn from life experience. Now you can fast-track your learning and open doors that otherwise might never have opened by simply becoming a mentee in The Mentorship Challenge.

Two of the mentors from whom you can learn are briefly introduced below. Many more are already participating in the programme. Do not miss this career-development opportunity to learn from the best and if you are an industry guru, do not pass on the career-development opportunity to teach, inspire, and guide a mentee.

Pamela Niemand

She is the CEO and co-owner of Westpoint, Times Square, and Max Executive Suites. Pamela is not a newcomer to the world of entrepreneurship. Indeed, she has been an entrepreneur at heart from a very young age. Her first endeavours were humble, such as selling ice lollies at school. She also displayed a tenacity to succeed early on, proven by her landing her first paying job at the age of 15. Pamela’s determination to be successful paid off at the age of 27 when she hit millionaire status. She shows that she also cares about the dreams and successes of others by sharing her knowledge and wisdom with women from the townships and helping them to start their own businesses.

Mike Coppin

One brand that certainly does not need an introduction is that of Fruit & Veg City Holdings (Pty) Ltd. As mentee, you have an amazing career-development opportunity if you are matched with the cofounder and Director of this well-known brand in South Africa. The company’s portfolio is impressive by any standard and includes 20 corporate stores and 78 franchises. What makes it impressive is that this company, founded by Mike and his brother, started with only one client store. Dreaming big and working smart mean that your career can follow a similar path, simply by signing up as a mentee in The Mentorship Challenge.

Take a hold of the career-development opportunity by signing up as mentor or mentee to join the ranks of industry gurus and future leaders of South Africa.