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Code of conduct

In general, all communications and interactions between mentor and mentee need to be governed by a clear understanding of the purpose of the mentorship relationship: That is, the mentor is expected, to the best of their ability, to provide guidance, expertise and advice to the mentee, and the mentee, in turn, is required to utilise this guidance to the best of their ability. It is in the interests of both parties to establish clear boundaries, expectations and rules ahead of the scheduled sessions.

  • Establish and commit to the modes of communication to be used (email/mobile phone or landline/text messaging/Skype/teleconferencing/face-to-face sessions).
  • Establish and commit to the permitted times for these communications.
  • Establish and commit to the date, time, length and frequency of sessions.
  • Establish and commit to a suitable location for the scheduled sessions.
  • Make appropriate use of the online tools available on the website: shortlisting, feedback and live chat functions.
  • Respect the time and resources of both the mentor and mentee.
  • Agree on clear, appropriate and culturally sensitive boundaries to govern all interactions, physical or otherwise.
  • Avoid any inappropriate interactions and unsuitable conduct towards each other, such as sexual harassment, soliciting funds or financial support, or disrespecting personal and professional boundaries.
  • Create a safe space for all communications and conduct.
  • Treat all information gathered in the process of the mentorship relationship as strictly confidential.