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Frequently Asked Questions

  • As a mentor, will I receive any assistance with selecting mentees to mentor?
  • Mentors receive a list of suggested mentees – these are the mentees that have been personally picked for each mentor by The Mentorship Challenge team, and that best match the mentor's mentoring preferences, such as interests, background and work ethic, as well as fields of specialisation.

  • How can a mentee get in contact with a mentor?
  • When a mentee applies for mentorship from a mentor, the mentor will be able to view the mentee's profile and decide whether the mentee is a suitable candidate for their field of expertise. Once the mentor has accepted the mentee, they contact the mentee directly or via email to schedule mentorship sessions together. Mentees, however, are not able to contact mentors directly if they have not been accepted for mentorship by the mentor.

  • Does mentorship cost anything?
  • The Mentorship Challenge is an initiative where business leaders give back, by dedicating some of their valuable time and expertise towards mentoring future entrepreneurs and leaders, at no cost at all. This is a social service initiative, sponsored by Redefine Properties as an investment in South Africa's future.

  • Can a mentee apply for mentorship from more than one mentor?
  • Mentees may apply for mentorship from more than one mentor. This increases the mentee's chance of being accepted by a mentor.

  • How does a mentee select a mentor?
  • Once the mentee has logged in to the website, he/she can click on the Apply for mentorship tab on their DASHBOARD. This is where mentees can read each mentor’s biography and decide which mentor is best suited to mentor them on their field of interest.