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Three Names to Inspire You to Join the Mentoring Programme of the Decade

If ever there was a mentoring programme that has inspired the titans of the business world to pledge their time to help shape future leaders, it is The Mentorship Challenge. Hosted by Marc Wainer, it is a programme that makes it possible for mentees to learn from the best while they also bring fresh insights to the table about how young, upcoming leaders see and experience the world.

The Mentorship Challenge is about matching mentors with mentees in a revolutionary new way. Existing mentors and Marc Wainer challenge business tycoons, creative leaders, and the gurus of various industries to pledge hours. Mentees can apply online to participate in the mentoring programme. Being part of this unique mentoring programme provides mentees opportunities such as being able to meet industry leaders, learn from them, broaden their contact network, and gain a competitive edge in their career or field of industry.

Some inspiring leaders participating in the mentoring programme are briefly introduced below. Many other leaders are also mentors in the programme and if you want to change your life, you are encouraged to apply for mentoring by the experienced and successful industry leaders of today.

Nella Qata

She was featured in magazines for her innovative approach to the energy crisis. Nella is cofounder of Africa Capital and Yabasha Energy Solutions. Nella and her sister Zintle Qata steer the green-energy solutions firm. Nella is known for her passion for youth development, clean energy, and skills development. She is exceptionally well qualified and not shy to help aspiring young entrepreneurs. The two sisters also provide young entrepreneurs opportunities to access capital through their Green Capital Fund.

Gil Oved

At the head of one of the largest advertising groups in South Africa, Gil Oved is a dynamic, creative genius. He is co-CEO of The Creative Council (TCC). With his charming personality and innovative thinking, Gil continues to inspire and motivate. Many young people will remember him from his days as a Zap Mag teen presenter. Gil is the co-founder of LLH Capital and a board member of Kalon, which is one of the largest venture capital funds in the country. Others know him from being a Shark on M-Net’s Shark Tank South Africa.

Lebo Gunguluza

Lebo embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. He is the founder of the Gunguluza Enterprises and Media Group (GEM), a media and hospitality group. He is also an example of how vision, determination, and charisma can lead to tremendous success. Lebo is a well-known motivational speaker and a Dragon investor on South Africa’s Dragon Den. If the next piece of information does not inspire you to join the mentoring programme, nothing will: Lebo became one of the youngest black millionaires in South Africa and what is even more impressive is that he is a self-made millionaire. He turned millionaire by the age of 27 and is one of the mentors on The Mentorship Challenge.

Many more such leaders participate in this unique mentoring programme. To meet and learn from them, you need to become a mentee and to do so, you need to take the active step in completing the online application.