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Register as a Mentee for the Exciting Mentorship Challenge and Pave Your Way to Success

The Mentorship Challenge offers a platform for the exchange of ideas, insights, and wisdom between mentors and mentees. The industry titans of today impart their knowledge and wisdom to the trailblazers of tomorrow. Broadcast every Wednesday on CNBC (DStv Channel 410) at 20:30, the 18-part television show, hosted by Marc Wainer, a seasoned entrepreneur in his own right, and executive chairperson of Redefine Properties, paves the way for true mentorship in South Africa.

Platform for Mentorship

Marc talks about the issues of the day and matches mentors and mentees in unique working partnerships. He also chats to guests about their mentors, experiences, and life-changing events that contributed to their success. He furthermore urges the guests to commit their time to mentorship, and to challenge their peers to do the same. To join this exciting opportunity to learn from the experiences of successful leaders, you are invited to register as a mentee. The mentors and mentees schedule sessions together in which they learn from each other. The stories of these mentorships and partnerships form part of the weekly show. When you register as a mentee, you get the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, gain valuable insight, and share your story with other young and upcoming entrepreneurs and leaders.

Mentors that Care

Redefine Properties is the proud sponsor of The Mentorship Challenge, a platform for social upliftment through superb mentorship. Some of the mentors already part of this exciting programme are:

  • Brian Joffe
  • Magnus Heystek
  • Ruda Landman
  • Vuyiswa Mutshekwane
  • André Retief
  • Dr Taddy Blecher
  • Pearl Kupe

These are leaders who have experienced many of the hardships and challenges that the young people of today face. They have made mistakes, developed endurance, and gained wisdom on their journeys in becoming the leaders they are today. The knowledge and wisdom they impart cannot be found in business manuals or university books. The knowledge is priceless and an excellent reason to register as a mentee.

Why Register as a Mentee?

The mentors understand what it takes to be successful and to guide others to success. They are the leaders that invest in the future of young South Africans by giving their time and sharing their wisdom. These mentors are the leaders planting the seeds of success for future generations. Add to this the opportunities to meet with the titans of the various industries and you have even more reason to rise to the challenge and register as a mentee. Learning from others’ mistakes, gaining insight without having to pay life lessons for it, and building strong working partnerships with the industry gurus are opportunities not too be missed. If you want to be one of the few that gain the competitive edge early on, register as a mentee.

Mentees are carefully chosen and matched with the right mentors. This ensures sound working relationships and the foundation for long-term success. Not everyone is selected, but the first step in breaking free from poverty or a mediocre career or business life is to register as a mentee. It is about taking on the challenge to succeed and to become a leader for the generation to come. With it forming part of your CV, you are already on the road to success.

Marc is the perfect host. With his charismatic personality and an inspiring life story, he embodies what mentorship is all about. In a country where so many people do not have access to the necessary resources, but have the talent and the guts to reach their goals, having a guiding hand can be the difference between success and failure. This is what The Mentorship Challenge speaks to. And, if you are up for the challenge, there is no better time than here and now to register as a mentee.